Friday, January 4, 2008

My goodies, your goodies!

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Nathan's Hot Dog Treats

For anybody who knows me, they know how much I love Nathan's hot dogs. It all started with one innocent BBQ where I first learned of this juicy treat. I was hooked. From there on out, all hot dogs that were eaten with pleasure were Nathan's. When I was in Vegas I had Nathans. When I was in New York at the Yankees game suite I had 5 Nathan's hot dogs. I love Nathan's so much that my friend bought me a mini Nathan's hot dog cart and I threw a Nathan's party!

Enough about me...onto my puppy. One day at Costco I saw mini Nathan's hot dogs. There must have been at least 100 in there. Everytime I made myself 8 pieces, I threw in 2 for my puppy. My puppy LOVED it.'s my point. When I saw they decided to make treats specifically for dogs I had to buy some for my puppy!! They come in 2 long sticks like a slim jim or a 4oz bag like below. I know you all will think I'm crazy, but I bought my puppy a dozen 4oz bags! It's been a week and a half and he's on his 4th bag. Then again, my friend also ate a couple to "try" (he said it was good and not salty which is even better for mypuppy).
This is being a hypocrit, but i try NOT to feed my dog too many unhealthy treats. I feed chicken/duck jerky and natural organic treats. I would say this is the most commerical treat he eats and it's really not bad at all! All the ingredients are human grade (trust my friend, he had at least 3 while I was watching...who knows how many while I wasn't watching!) and mypuppy deserves the best! Trust me, he LOOOOOVES them. This is one of those treats mypuppy will do ANYTHING for. I just take out the bag and he sits like a good boy he is. Once I open the bag he stays seated. As soon as I take a piece out he waits for me to give him the treat. If I don't give him the treat within 3 seconds he starts all the tricks he knows (roll over, down, paw, high five, roll over, roll over, roll over...) Give these (remember to click the 5% discount link!) a try...I can't imagine any puppy NOT going crazy for this treat. I'm tempted to try one, but I thinnk I'll let mypuppy have these!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

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Happy 2008! Chanel kick-off

Happy New Year! I've been getting plenty of emails telling me to update so here we go!

New year, new Chanel. I must say again...I LOVE CHANEL! There's just something about that shiny black casing with delicious colors that pop when you open it. It makes me so happy when I use Chanel products and most of all it makes me feel good! That's the most important right?
I hope you all pick up SOMETHING that makes you feel happy on a daily basis this year. You deserve it!!
First on the Chanel Spring 2008 line is their Limited Edition (ack! gotta have it!) 4 Fleurs quad. In real life, the colors are so sweet and yummy. Soft, but can also be layered for a pop of color. These shades are also sheer enough to be layered on top of your other colors to add a blend of layered colors. Try it - an extra sweep of a sheer color can possibly be your favorite eyeshadow ritual! I must say...Chanel is implenting their famous Camelia flower insignia on more of their beauty products each season. I love it and it's beautiful to look at, but I don't ever want to use it because it is much too pretty!'s limited edition!
Here's the new black...BLUE SATIN...I received this as part of my Christmas gift from my Secret Santa (thanks SS!) and I HAD to show it off for the New Year (along with my blue mascara!) I must I wasn't a black person, but I've accepted this rich deep blue in my life. I never thought I would wear blue nail polish (except the time when the sheer white with light blue shine was fashionable). I must admit, it takes a little getting use to since my couture toe nails are not always this dark. I like to think it makes me kind of punk rock chic. Reserve yours now...don't forget Pink Satin...It's great for the self mani.
Well, here's my favorite quad of Spring 2008...
This picture does not do the colors justice. In person, the colors are not over shimmery and the dark blue is TDF! I have Blue Notes and the blue in there was my favorite, but the new blue has a certain blend that makes it slightly different. Of course, the light blue is also similar to Blue Notes, but it's another shade of light blue. This light blue reminds me of being on vacation somewhere with a nice blueberry mojito. It's delish! The baby pink and opal gold colors are very sheer and if you wet your eyeshadow sponge applicator you can get a great single eyeshadow color for your lid. It's for those days where you don't want to do the full eye and just want do blend single or double colors for simplicity sake.
Once again, BLUE IS THE NEW IN! You can purchase the new goodies from Chanel Beauty.