Friday, December 7, 2007

Yves Saint Laurent - luxurious mascara

Oh mascara, how you save me from my small eyes looking tired and dull. I've been dying to try a blue mascara lately. As you can see from my CL talk I have a thing for BLUE at the moment. The blue of this YSL mascara is so electric! (let's go back to dreamland and imagine the blue Loub's with this blue YSL mascara. HAWT!) Black mascara already helps lift those eyes and make them stand out. As for blue mascara it will do the same, but make the eyes POP. At the same time I think blue mascara (and eyeliner!) is exotic and casual chic. This YSL Luxurious Mascara comes in Black, Blue, Brown, Burgandy, Violet, and Green! Each only $26.50.

Many people have their own way of applying mascara. Depending on what look you are trying to get it should be applied a bit differently.

This is my regime:

  1. Curl eyelashes! (She Uemura is my best friend) Start at the lid of the eyes (not too much so you don't pinc yourself!) and slowly crimp again towards the middle of the lashes and then move out the the end of the lashes for the most natural look.
  2. Take your mascara and start again at the lid of the lashes and wiggle the mascara up through your lashes. Keep doing it until you got all the lashes especially the ones on the inner and outter corner of your lids. Those can get tricky.
  3. Optional - Some people like to take the mascara and go over it from the top down to coat the top side of the lashes. I find this makes my eye lashes droop a bit from carrying the thickness of the mascara, but it totally depends on the type of mascara you using.
  4. Lastly, double check that all your lashes are not clumpy (if they are, use your finger to gently pull out the clumps) and individually separated (this helps a lot with a great mascara).
  5. Go out in the world and be the fab chick you are!
Don't forget to pick up the YSL mascara while you're out Christmas shopping for everybody on your list! Try this over the weekend and let me know what you think!

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