Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LV puppy

First off, isn't that puppy in the carrier CUTE? Now, just imagine that being YOUR puppy...isn't that even CUTER?! That leash is absolutely adorable! Especially if you have a light colored dog where it really stands out. My puppy wants one to match with his carrier as well as his mommy. Besides getting luxury from the items themselves LV will also personalize the items for you! I am loving the collar once over not to mention the matching leash! (if you're going as far as to get the collar, you might as well make sure you look perfect by matching the collar and leash. you don't want your puppy to have a puppy "fur-paw"!)

LV Collar PM $215

LV Collar MM $240

LV Collar GM $265

LV Dog Bag 40 $1680

LV Dog Bag 50 $1850

You can buy through Louis Vuitton or Eluxury

pimples suck, but i found a cure!

Erno & Mario. You two are my heroes. You have saved me days of embarassment walking around with my cute outfits and designer bags and perfect makeup with the exception of a ZIT! We get pimples for many reasons. Genetic, eating habits, time of the month, etc. Now, we don't have to deal with them alone. I get my monthly share of the red bumps and luckily I don't have that bad of an episode. These two get me through it.
The Drying Lotion by Mario Badescu is something used by many celebrities. It works. It reminds me of calamine used for chicken pox. I use this when I have those red painful ones that are literally under your skin. This is the only thing that calms it down. It smells like alcohol, but it works in the don't use too much or you might dry out your skin kind of way. It's potent stuff.
The Blemish Treament by Erno Laszlo is GREAT. I use this for all pimples, even those little tiny ones and it's gone within 1-2 days. It's kind of hard to explain what the product is like. I'll try my best. This product is tan colored mixed with I'm assuming alcohol or something of a clear liquid. The tan colored portion is like...sticky apple sauce. Bear with me! So this...sticky apple take and you stick it right on your pimple making sure the surrounding area of the infected is also treated. It stays on kind of like putty. I mention this only because if you rub it around like a cream or gel, the "sticky apple sauce" will just roll around like dough and not have much use. One you use it...the next day your face should be back to normal! Erno Laszlo is $29 and Mario Badescu is $17. Both are available at Nordstrom have one, so should your puppy!

i've tried over and over again to explain why i REALLY need a closet for my puppy. i have one, why should he be deprived of one? one reason is because he needs to be able to see all his outfits in order to put them into use. you can't wear something you can't find! and if you can't wear it, you're technically wasting the money you spent on it. another reason is because he needs his own space (and i need mine!). most importantly, he needs it because he wants it. now, to add on to my list is that if i buy now i would get 6 free hangers! You can buy this one from G.W. Little (such a cute store!) Doggie Armoire $119

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SUNBLOCK/SUNSCREEN! do you have it on today?

SUNBLOCK. SUNSCREEN. You know to use it when you're going to the beach or going swimming, but what about everyday use?? Unless you live in a cave without any windows, you need something to protect your skin. Let's start off understanding what sunblock is and what sunscreen is (you thought they were the same didn't you?!). Here's the simple version. Sunscreens contain chemicals that ABSORB the UV rays. Sunblock reflects the UV rays. Most people are more familiar with sunblock. That's the one that makes you look ghostly white. You need at least an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15 which means you're protected out there for about 5 hours. Of course that depends on the weather as well. You can't expect to be protected in 98 degree weather and be protected with SPF 15!

Alright, now we have our facts straight let's get on with the products...

ME: My favorite is from Clarins and it's an SPF 40. What I love most about this product is that it's SO light. It feels silky on my skin. It doesn't leave any residue. It works as a great base for my makeup as well. I love it! It helps knowing I have SPF 40 no matter what the weather is like. Even when the sun is behind clouds, there are still UV rays shining at you so don't be fooled. Clarins is available at most department stores and sephora for $39! It's worth it if it'll save you money from spending more on correcting fine lines and wrinkles in the future! clarins sunblock

MY PUPPY: I use Chris Christensen's "Ice on Ice". This is a leave on conditioner that conditions, protects, and even better it has sunscreen! It doesn't really have a smell which is nice because I can use it daily without it being too overwhelming. My dog is white so this helps with helping keep him as white as possible and not turn into a baby golden retriever. My puppy likes the spray nozzle on this because it doesn't have a shooting spray, but it's more like a mist. He doesn't like the funny feeling of other spray nozzles, but he sits still for this one! Here's Chris' site...the combs are GREAT as well. ice on ice for $10!

LV iphone cases

yes, they have arrived! you heard buzz about these back in june/july this year, but you can actually purchase one now! i've been on the waitlist for this and have been waiting patiently for something to protect my iphone (and make my iphone look ever cuter!). this is super cute (mainly because it's LV) and it will definitely protect with the fab leather casing. the monogram, red epi, and black taiga are going for $225 and alligator which will come in different colors is $1120 (yikes!). i got the black taiga for my brother and the red epi for myself (to match with the red epi agenda). can't wait!
if you want one or to be waitlisted, call your local LV store or saks/bloomies that carries LV.

gucci puppy collar

this is something i wanted for my puppy for the longest time and i'm still wanting it! it's a signature chain dog collar with their classic red and green webbing with gold plated brass links. i saw it in person and it reminds me of a lighter weight tiffany collar like in legally blonde. (i also considered getting my puppy the tiffany's collar, but i think it's heavier than he is!) i love that it's a classic style that will always be in season. besides, the green and red will look great with my puppy's silky white coat! it retails for $195 at gucci

Friday, October 26, 2007

YSL luxuries

If you couldn't tell, I have a thing for palettes...even better, girly girl limited edition palettes!

My latest item added to my wishlist is this Yves Saint Laurent Compact Powder. The great thing about this is that it has a beige and a rose colored so you can multi-task! This can be an all over face powder for the matte but luminous look. Or you can use the middle for the blush touchup or use more of the corners for an all over face touchup without the cakey look.
Another item I'm loving (besides the cute factor, the versatility of this palette is awesome) is the Yves Saint Laurent white gold celebration palette. It contains 3 eyeshadows, 3 lip colors, 1 lip gloss, 1 highlighter, and 1 blush. Now THAT is a great deal! 9 items/colors you can mix and match (for instance, use gloss as eye gloss for a glowy effect or the lip color as blush or a creamy eyeshadow color!). I love the gold gloss..that gold can be used anywhere on your face.
Here's the dent on the wallet:
Yves Saint Laurent Compact Powder $52 (so cute! great for the little purse)
Yves Saint Laurent white gold celebration palette $67 (remember, you get 9 colors so it's kind of like paying $7 per color!)
Go to to get the goods!

FIBERWIG - wig for the lashes

If any of you have used this stuff you know it's great. For those that haven't and are intrigued by what a "wig" for your lashes is read on! This mascara is a japanese brand that recently started showing up in the American market - aka SEPHORA. The mascara is pretty awesome because it can give the illusion of false eyelashes. I use this by itself when I'm going for a more natural look (especially since it washes off easily without leaving you raccoon eyes) and I layer this with my Dior Show mascara when I'm going out to make my lashes thicker (Dior Show) and longer (Fiberwig). When you use it, you'll notice the fibers lengthening your lashes. No joke! At first, I thought my one eye lash was oddly super long...then I realized it was the mascara! I recommended this to my friend for her wedding (she was looking for fake eyelashes, but nothing crazy like MAC effect and nothing worked for her so I recommended this and she loved it!) So...make sure to check this product out. Available at Sephora for $22 and I'm working on bringing to to all you girls shortly through mypuppyandi because every girl should have this in their makeup collection.

FUR PAWCHASE - modeling pics!

my puppy modeling pics (please excuse his dirtiness...he's getting a bath today)

BEE COSTUME $5 (available in size XS & M/L)

STRIPED POLO $5 (available in S orange & XS red & XS fleece)

email me:

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Just a reminder there's still goodies available for purchase:

Saks Friends and Family today!

Don't's that time of year that Saks offers friends and family. If you're lucky enough to score the card, there's a code on there that you can use online! If you're on their list you should check your email for the code as well. The good thing about Saks is how their discount applies to cosmetics and sale items.

There are so many cute holiday palettes out right now...20% is more than welcome in my book. Get started on early Christmas shopping!

Here are some items I'm getting...

Dior 24kt gold liquid eyeliner $30 (how HOT is that?! i can't go without eyeliner and this is ultra chic especially for those nights out)

Dior Holiday Romantic Palette $70 (let me tell you, this palette is AWESOME. i got last year's and i LOVE it. it's my must have for travel especially with all these regulations on what you can and cannot bring! i love the grey/silver shadow this year. now i'll be bringing 2 palettes that can provide SO many different looks for a month!)

Now that I've tempted you...GO GO GO!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


LANCOME JUICY TUBE in Simmer 0.28oz (this won editors award!)

CLINIQUE COLOR SURGE GLOSS in Peach Goddess 0.17oz (moisturizing, but shiny!)

$5 for both (full size retails $32 for're able to try both at almost 1/7th the cost and not to mention the size is great for travel and/or small purses/clutches!)

shown: top-simmer bottom-peach goddess (the color patch looks dark, but imagine it being sheer and one shade lighter is more true to the actual color)

FUR PAWCHUSE ("for purchase" for those who don't read dog)

items for sale! my puppy and i will constantly add new items for sale. it can be puppy items or people items...check back often for new goodies!

*shipping will be whatever the post office tells me and i'll tell you! email/comment any questions. when you decide which item you want just email me!

here we go...

BEE COSTUME (halloween is quickly approaching!)
SIZES: 1-XSMALL & 1-MED/LARGE (email me if you have questions about sizing...stuie will probably fit this, but it'll be little loose and i like it more fitted for him)


STRIPED FLEECE (burgandy/candy pink)
fyi...for anybody buying more than one item you can get a special rate! email me for more info:

i love chanel!

like i said, i love chanel! from handbags to ready to wear to shoes to accessories to jewelry to watches to makeup. LOVE them all! there's just something about that all black packaging with the signature double c's. classic. i've been in love with the new holiday palette chanel has out. i loved the palettes from previous years, but this year is just an extra indulgence. i don't know if it's the new chanel palette cover which now includes a flap instead of it looking like a pocket. i don't know if it's the mix and match of the perfect collection of colors that can be used individually or all together. i don't know if it's the lip brush, eye shadow brush, AND blush/bronzer brush that's included. i do know that i love it and it's definitely a must have for the year!

click here to buy chanel beauty

juicy crittoure

yes, you read correct. it's juicy CRITTOURE! puppies all over are going to be pawsitively (get it?) the trendiest and sweetest smelling dogs around. juicy has made life more luxurious for pets all around by making a line exclusiverly for pooches. the new line includes:
  • shampooch $25
  • coif fur conditioner $25
  • coat conditioning mist $20
  • doggy house spray $30
  • softening paw balm pawtection $28
  • pawlettes cleansing towelettes $25
  • juicy couture pawfume $60
  • polished paws nail polish (pink/brown) $14
  • paw polish remover pads $15

slightly pricey, but it's JUICY! i think i can do without the polish for my baby boy, but i'm loving just about everything else. available now at saks (friends and family 10/25!) and neiman marcus.

click here to buy juicy crittoure