Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chanel - Resort Collection

You all know how much I love Chanel. I am in LOVE with this set! It's a limited edition set that includes SOLEIL BRONZÉ Luminous Bronzing Powder, a mini Blush Brush, and full sizes of LEVRÈS SCINTILLANTES Glossimer in Seashell and INIMITABLE Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel in Noir-Black AND a chic makeup case that's great for travel and storing your makeup goodies.
The lip gloss is wonderful for any season since it's the sheer sparkly pink tone. The brush is very necessary to apply blush/bronzer appropriately (you don't want a splotch of brown or pink!). The bronzing powder is the most awesome. You can't buy it by itself as it's only available through this Resort set. I am a big fan of this bronzing powder because I can not only use it all together as a blend of perfect harmonious colors I can also use it individually for all over face color or definition as well as my eye shadow! This would be the essential item for travel since it serves so many purposes.
If you haven't done your Christmas shopping for that Chanel or luxury lover here's your chance. The retail price is $140 and it's available now through Chanel. It's also available at Saks and possibly Neiman. I also found 2 available at my local Nordie's so it's possible to find in your local high end department store, but they were VERY limited in quantity if even lucky to receive it at all.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stila Virtual Warehouse sale

It's baaaaack! If you missed all the goodies at the last Stila Virtual Warehouse sale here's your chance with more stock! They have lots of items at 50% off!
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Friday, December 7, 2007

Dogswell - Veggie Life treats

First off, mypuppy already LOVES his Dogswell Breathies Chicken Minis. By "love" I mean he'll give up his full size chicken jerky treat for ONE little round mini treat. Maybe he's spoiled in being able to just chew and eat instead of breaking a piece off to eat, but nevertheless he loves it!

More recently I found Dogswell's new product line called Veggie Life. There are various flavors like Sweet Potato fries/chews, Chicken & Banana, Chicken & Apple, and the one I bought which is Chicken & Sweet Potato (mypuppy doesn't eat bananas and apples too much...more of a meat eater like his mommy). Let me just say, once I opened the bag and sniffed the goods I was hungry! It smelled sweet and potato like. Okay, I just described sweet potato, but it does smell terrific. Nothing dog like about the scent! I was tempted to take a bite and see what mypuppy was getting...but I didn't. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody who loves to spoil their puppy and who have picky eaters!

I'm a big fan of Dogswell due to their great processing in their Natural Cage-Free Chicken through a vigorous process to make sure it's always approved US FDA tests. All their products are actually good for your puppy. Their Vitality line has flaxseed and vitamins for overall well-being. Their Breathies line (mypuppy's favorite!) contains mint and parsely to freshen breath while your puppy enjoys his treat. The Happy Hips and Happy Heart lines can be used on any dog at any age as it helps by adding glucosamine and lower sodium to the line. There's also Mellow Mutt which contains natural herbs like chamomile to help calm a fussy puppy. As for Veggie Life it's $7.99 for a 5oz bag, but well worth every penny if mypuppy will eat it!

mypuppyandi definitely give this 4 paws up!

Yves Saint Laurent - luxurious mascara

Oh mascara, how you save me from my small eyes looking tired and dull. I've been dying to try a blue mascara lately. As you can see from my CL talk I have a thing for BLUE at the moment. The blue of this YSL mascara is so electric! (let's go back to dreamland and imagine the blue Loub's with this blue YSL mascara. HAWT!) Black mascara already helps lift those eyes and make them stand out. As for blue mascara it will do the same, but make the eyes POP. At the same time I think blue mascara (and eyeliner!) is exotic and casual chic. This YSL Luxurious Mascara comes in Black, Blue, Brown, Burgandy, Violet, and Green! Each only $26.50.

Many people have their own way of applying mascara. Depending on what look you are trying to get it should be applied a bit differently.

This is my regime:

  1. Curl eyelashes! (She Uemura is my best friend) Start at the lid of the eyes (not too much so you don't pinc yourself!) and slowly crimp again towards the middle of the lashes and then move out the the end of the lashes for the most natural look.
  2. Take your mascara and start again at the lid of the lashes and wiggle the mascara up through your lashes. Keep doing it until you got all the lashes especially the ones on the inner and outter corner of your lids. Those can get tricky.
  3. Optional - Some people like to take the mascara and go over it from the top down to coat the top side of the lashes. I find this makes my eye lashes droop a bit from carrying the thickness of the mascara, but it totally depends on the type of mascara you using.
  4. Lastly, double check that all your lashes are not clumpy (if they are, use your finger to gently pull out the clumps) and individually separated (this helps a lot with a great mascara).
  5. Go out in the world and be the fab chick you are!
Don't forget to pick up the YSL mascara while you're out Christmas shopping for everybody on your list! Try this over the weekend and let me know what you think!

Jean Patou - JOY

I must say my mom raised a daughter with terrific taste at an early age. I remember being no older than 8 years old and being in the perfume store with my mom. The salespeople would always come over to me and say "how cute" and blah blah (i've realized they didn't mean it, it was only a sales pitch) and sometimes the manager would give me a bottle of nail polish or a lipstick to take home. Why are they so nice to me you say? Well, for one, they know my mom would do anything to make her little girl happy. Another reason may be her little girl has exquisite (aka expensive) taste. I still remember being 8 years old and smelling Joy by Jean Patou and being enchanted by the notes of jasmine and other sweet floral scents. This was my favorite fragrance at that time and I HAD to have it. Back then, a bottle was $100. That was a lot then! I stared at the bottle and even took a few whiffs of the scent lingering on the spray nozzle, but I never used it because I loved it so much. The sad part is, I come home one day and realize my bottle is missing. My mom tells me she had a friend visit and gave her the perfume as a gift. I was devastated! Yes, the scent was THAT good. I was looking for a fragrance and it came into mind after all these years.

Jean Patou's fragrances have all natural ingredients. In fact, the Jean Patou house has a field of Jasmines and Roses (can you imagine the scent in that area?!) in South of France. The company was acquired by Proctor and Gamble in 2001, but I believe they are sticking with 1920's methods of perfumery. A 1oz bottle is now going for $400, but keep in mind this is parfum which is concentrated and more oil based than alcohol based. In other words, it lasts longer and the scent is a little more unique.

Take a sniff and tell me if you feel the same way as I did and still do.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

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Christian Louboutin - Simple

Oh my...these shoes are TDF (to die for)! I'm a very simple girl. Since mypuppy chewed up my 3 pairs of black pumps I have been on a search for some new shoes. I don't know what it is about CL shoes...actually, I's those darn red soles that make the shoe pop and the great design and fashion of the shoe. These pumps are timeless in the black. As for the blue...MY GOSH!...that electric blue is the new red! Imagine blue mascara, white button down blouse, some white slacks, and these awesome blue pumps. Wowsers.

These Christian Louboutin New Simple Pumps are $675 and available for pre-order at Saks.

If you watch Side Order of Life on Lifetime you will remember Vivy having cancer and splurging on these shoes. If you have that much to spend...all I have to say is "you only live once".

Enjoy it!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Juicy Puppy

When I saw this Juicy Couture dog tag I had to laugh. It's so cute! I know my puppy would love one of these because he loves his daddy! Normally I would think $35 is too much for a dog tag, but this one is very much something to consider. I would get it engraved in the back and make sure to put daddy's number. If one day this comes into use (let's hope it never needs it!), the $35 is definitely worth it!

I am loving the Juicy Dog line this season! First off, it's been a bit cold in SoCal and I really think mypuppy needs a jacket! Especially a fashionable one to impress the lady pups out there. This Juicy pink parka (also comes in black for the studs) is $75 and will last all winter (that's about 3 months! If you calculate it's only about 83 cents a day. Not like I calculated or anything...) Isn't your puppy worth 83 cents a day? If your answer is YES, click HERE!

Another item I am really really loving is this harness set retailing at $95. It's great that they are creating harness sets in addition to their leash sets. Leashes are just so harsh on their little necks. These are great and very ergonomic (and couture) for our puppies. In addition, it's a better version of a regular harness you would buy. Since the style is more like a vest, it gives plenty of porportional support to comfortably fit your puppy. If you're still rationalizing on the price, if you take the leash off you can use the harness itself as a fasionable vest! Available at most stores that carry Juicy dog items.

Your puppy will thank you!

Juicy Couture Heart Lip Gloss Ring

Oh my...I absolutely LOVE this Juicy lip gloss ring! Big chunky rings are definitely a must this year and this one tops the list. I love the bling factor to this ring. I love the white because it makes it less fancy and more fun. Oh yeah, I love the sparkly pinky lip gloss too! It's only $52 which is a great deal considering the price of a Juicy Couture jewelry item is already that much if not more. I think this will make a great present for a Juicy gal. Once you're done with the gloss in the ring you can always refill it with another lip gloss or lipstick (warm up your lipstick tube under the light or in the microwave for 5 seconds and mold into the ring OR take the remainder of your lip gloss tube and fill it up...don't overflow! the ring. VOILA!) $52 at Nordstrom!

Juicy Couture

I ADORE this Juicy Couture Fragrance set! If you haven't smelled the fragrance yet it's a flirty fruity scent. Great for both day and night. This set includes: Eau de Parfum with atomizer (1 oz.), travel-ready Royal Body Creme (3.4 oz.), Sumptuous Sugar Scrub (3.5 oz.) and a precious solid perfume compact. The thing I love most is the great box it comes in. This is something I can use as an addition to my jewelry box (i'm always running out of room!). It's very durable like all juicy packages. The perfume compact is so great for the purse. I love the all metal look because it gives it that mystery that keeps people wondering what's in that silver square? This is a $398 value that is only $150 at Nordstrom. Get it while it lasts since it's a Holiday item!

gucci sale...still on!

just a reminder that the gucci sale is still going on now. you can't get gifts for your loved ones and/or a treat for yourself! here's something for the lux pup:

Monday, December 3, 2007


Gucci is having their seasonal sale today both online and in stores!
For your puppy: Dog backpack Original Price $445, now only $259
(sorry no pictures, it won't upload for some reason! keep checking back...)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Kiehl's - For your puppy

Today is the last day of the Kiehl's Friends and Family 20% off. I am getting the Shampoo $16, Conditioner $16, and No Rinse Spritz $12 for my puppy. I find Kiehl's products to be very natural and never heavy in fragrance which I'm sure my puppy will appreciate. I'm excited about the No Rinse Spray. First off, it's CLEAR which is good since you are not using water to rinse. I think this will be great for in between bath clean up. Also, for those days his paws get gray! For's the best time to give it a try!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kiehl's Friends and Family - 20% off!

Black Friday is around the corner and it's time to SHOP TILL YOU DROP! Honestly, I can't do these big shopping events. I can't stand lines and messy inventory. It's just not possible for me to shop that way. BUT, I truly hope all you brave shoppers get some GREAT deals out there! Here's another awesome friends and family from Kiehl's for 20% off from 11/23-11/26. Enter the code FRIDAY at checkout or print the above invitation for the discount. (Thanks LSo!)

I like the lip balm (of course). I always use it around this time as the weather starts changing and my lips get chapped. I dab a bit on the lip balm before I sleep and it's super moisturized in the morning. Another trick is I use it for flyaways or keeping my eyebrow hairs in tact! They have Limited Edition pear, cranberry, and mint flavors right now!

Another great item is the Creme de Corps body lotion. The scent is barely there so it's great for both men and women (my brother uses it...shhh!).

Also, Kiehl's also offers 3 samples at checkout so make sure to add thsoe to your basket!

Happy shopping this weekend!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reminder - Friends and Family deals

Just a reminder about these deals you heard about on mypuppyandi first!

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Erno Laszlo

Yuck. Black soap? That's almost like rubbing tar on your face you say? Well, it's not and if you've tried it you'll know it's not gross at all. This is Erno Laszlo's Sea Mud Soap...

Dr. Erno Laszlo was a Hungarian Dermatologist who created treatments that spread through word of mouth in 1939. He had such an extraordinary amount of clients he decided to open his first store on Fifth Ave in New York.

First off, I'll say this is the soap used by Audrey Hepburn. If she used this soap and looked the way she did, I can only HOPE by me using the soap I can look half as good as she did. This soap takes concentrated deep sea minerals which deep cleanses the skin. (If you'll recall, La Mer also uses concentrated formula from the sea with sea kelp...something good is in the sea! You don't see dolphins or whales with wrinkly skin do you?) If you like your skin feeling clean you'll like this soap. I'm sure it's great for oily skin since it purifies. I have normal skin and it doesn't dry out my skin at all. It seems a little pricey at $36 a bar, but don't underestimate how long this will last you. I would say a bottle of cleanser lasts 3-6 months. This should last you over 6 months (unless you put it in the shower and let it melt...don't do that). I must say...after this soap Erno Laszlo is my friend. Buy it here at Nordstrom

Black Nail Polish - Yay or Nay?

By now, you probably considered going with the black nail polish this last year. All the celebrities had black nail polish whether it was casual day out or fancy night out. Some celebrities like Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff are still rocking the look. Personally, I like darker polishes on my toes and neutral colors on my fingers. I just can't stand chipping polish! When I'm grubbing on my fried chicken I don't want to wonder if I'm eating some of that black polish into my system. As surprised as I am that this color lasted so long and is still lasting I can understand why. It's actually pretty darn cool! It's almost like an accessory where it revamps your look. You can wear sweats, but be like a rockstar wearing sweats.

My favorite is Chanel's LIMITED EDITION Black Satin is the most coveted color during this phase and is STILL in high demand. The US version is much more chic because it has a platinum shimmer in it. No, not glitter. It's a shimmer woven in the black. Makes it less punk, but still very edgy (main reason I chose Chanel's black over other brand's black). In addition to their own creation on black, Chanel's polishes seem to last longer on me (so I don't have to worry about it while eating my fried chicken!). It glides on smoothly and the color always looks great. I don't think I've bought a bad color yet. The Limited Edition Black Satin color is sold out in stores everywhere....BUT...

Having purchased WAY too many beauty items, I managed to score some of Chanel's Black Satin and have decided to make it available for mypuppyandi readers. If you are interested send me an e-mail at

Monday, November 19, 2007

La Mer

I'm sure you all have all heard of the coveted miracle creme "Crème de la Mer". As I'm aging, I am always worrying about wrinkles. For those that don't know of the brand or want to know more about the brand...keep reading!

This brand has been "coveted by those in the know" since 1965 (although most just heard it in the last few years thanks to celebs and Estee Lauder).

DR. MAX HUBER. Thank him. It all began with Huber (a NASA aerospace physicist) experimenting with chemicals when it exploded in his face and covered his face with severe chemical burns. Nothing out there helped his burns so being a scientist he decided to help himself. After 12 years and much experimentation, he created "the crème". They call the essence in the creme the Miracle Broth. There are many key ingredients and one of them being sea kelp from the west coast (yay us!). The way these ingredients are distilled (a process taking 3-4 months) is what makes it amazing.

Side note. Estee Lauder company acquired La Mer in 1995 which led to the mass outlets available to us through Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc.

Now, how GOOD is it? I'll give you my opinion in a later post...check back for yay or nay on "Crème de la Mer".

If you've tried La Mer or have something to say, leave a comment below!

Shiseido - Maquillage

Wondering why Maquillage doesn't sound familiar to you? Well, if you're from the states you wouldn't have heard of it because it's not sold here. Let me introduce you to this secret brand.

This is a branch of Shiseido (it's like their drugstore brand). I think their shadow palettes are quite impressive. They have everything you need to create a look without having to think which colors go where or which colors to blend. If you look at the first palette with the greens, it has the yellow for all over, the green for the lid, and the silver to illuminate the eye. The green on the bottom left hand corner is a gel form eyeliner! You can always play around with these, but if you're too lazy to don't have to. The second palette is the same concept. I LOVE that it has eyeliner. That's what sold it for me.

Another great product is this face powder. I love versatile palettes. It just makes sense to get something you can use with everything right? This palette is great because it has multiple colors to blend with many skin tones. Don't you hate it when you can't find that EXACT shade? I find I'm always a little to light or a little too dark. With this, you can kind of blend your own. Especially in the winter and summer months when you either drop or increase in a shade. This can be a great value in that it's usable all year long.

There are only a few online sites that offer this brand. One that I trust is SASA. They are a big cosmetics company in Asia. The site also has deals and promotions year round. Compared to Sephora, they offer 7 free samples and free shipping with every purchase of $75 or more.

GUCCI - Holiday Shopping

OK. Get Ready. Gucci is in the holiday spirit this year and is offering 10% off on November 20th! Get this...there's also free shipping online! There's a lot of great items in their Cruise collections. If you ever wanted a Gucci handbag or just been eyeing those Gucci's time to get them! Or, if you're like me and want to get your puppy and Christmas present you can get your paws on this. Better start early as all the handbag fanatics will be on this! Gucci 10% off

Friday, November 16, 2007

Urban Decay Friends and Family

I hate Black Friday and I hate all the crowds at the malls, but I LOVE friends and family events that come around at this time! Here's a quick entry for friends and family that mypuppyandi wanted to share with you before we start our weekend. Urban Decay (famous eyeshadow potion and great color eyeliners!) is having friends and family = 30% off!! Enter FFH30

have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

L'Occitane Friends and Family

Remember those exquisite hand creams I mentioned the other day? Well, even more of a reason to get them is L'Occitane's friends and family event! They are better than Sephora's friends and family (20%) and L'Occitane is offering 25%!!
While you're at it, they also have great shampoo/conditioner. I must say, I don't know what they put in their conditioner but after I use it my hair is super soft and manageable. I can't explain it, but it's great! I was first introduced to this product at the Four Seasons Hotel. I took a shower after my long flight and woke up the next morning with the best hair ever! At this point, I just thought it was great hair day. I was even telling some friends how the hotel had soft water for their guests since that's what it felt like. My brother stayed at the Four Seasons shortly after my trip and I mentioned how soft their water was. He was like...I don't know about the water, but the L'Occitane hair care is the best! It was then that I realized I undermined L'Occitane. If any of you have also stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel, you know it's SO worth it! For those of you who don't want to spend that much money on your hair, I would still recommend you getting just the conditioner for $17 (it's actually only $12.75 if you get it now during the F&F!). You don't even have to use it daily, just when your hair is feeling a bit dull. Especially now that it's winter my hair tends to gets a bit dry. This will make it feel SO smooth and silky. This is even great for guys. My brother loves this stuff and gets giddy when he says how it makes his hair so soft while feeling his hair. (shh...Don't tell him I told you all!) Once again, L'Occitane's friends and family for instore coupon or enter FNF25 for online use. Starts today!

Juicy Rocks

The holidays are around the corner and many of you will gather your loved ones in your own home or your friend's home. There are many ways to be agreat host/hostess and one of them is simply keep your house smelling delish. You've heard of air fresheners that spray, plug-in, light up, heat up, etc. Juicy Couture introduces Juicy Couture
Pebbles Of Couture Fragrance Rocks
. I think this is a neat idea that instead of messy potpourri that crumbles into a billion little crushed pieces these are rocks that are quite easy to pick up if spilled. They are in a multitude of colors to match with any home decor. This will definitely be a conversation piece when guests ask "what is that great fragrance you have in here?" or "what do these couture rocks do?". If you're interested in getting one for yourself this season or gifting one as a gift or housegift visit Saks Fifth Avenue for Juicy Rocks priced at $45.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

L'Occitane hand cream

My L'Occitane hand cream goes with me everywhere. I have the full size next to my bed at home. I have the mini in my purse, at work, and in my car. It's something I can't live without. I have passed this treasured item to my mom, dad, brother, bf, grandparents, and cousins. Yes, it's THAT good anybody can use it! This hand cream is light honey and cream smelling with 20% pure shea butter for maximum moisturizing. You would think this much buttery substances would make your hands oily, but works into your hands immediately. After using this product your hands will feel smoother and protected. It's their #1 seller for a reason.

Deal: they are offering this Hand Cream Trio at L'Occitane for only $25! These are the smaller sizes that regulary retail for $10 each. You save money and get a variety of scents in Honey and Lemon, Rose, and Cherry Blossom (so sweet!). You can also get this set from Sephora with the Original, Honey and Lemon, and Cherry Blossom. I'm getting a couple of these sets for Christmas (ok, I won't lie, I'm stashing 2 sets for myself!) *Remember: Sephora is still offering Friends and Family with code FF2007 for 20% off! If you rather get a cute silver clutch with a bunch of samples inside use code CLUTCH1. happy shopping from mypuppyandi!!

COACH - beauty line

Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Coach has come out with their beauty and fragrance line! If you're a coach fanatic, you will LOVE this line especially since they have their classic "C" logo all over their items. The beauty line includes shimmer powder ($38) and 3 lipstick shades ($18). They also have cute accessories like a keychain perfume solid that you can attach to your keychain, purse, or wristlet! Check out the full line here: COACH cosmetics

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This is SUCH a great deal! Stila normally has their warehouse sale every year, but this year they're giving us a treat and offering it online! yes, ONLINE! They have the perfectly kitten set which they sell for regular price at Sephora. That's a perfect kit for people who like natural looking makeup. very useable for everyday looks or adds a glimmer to more dramatic looks. Check mypuppyandi often for updates on great deals like this and other goodies you might miss out on if you don't! Check out the goods here: STILA VIRTUAL WAREHOUSE SALE Use the code DEALS for free shipping on $100 or more!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Burberry - Private Sale! 11/8-11/12

BURBERRY PRIVATE SALE! Yup, you're in the know when you visit's the link for your shopping pleasure: BURBERRY PRIVATE SALE Hurry! Items run out quick...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

FOR PURCHASE! Lancome Train Case with full size makeup goodies!

This Limited Edition croc train case is filled with full-size Sensational Effects Lipcolor in Oh My!, samples of Sensational Effects Eyeshadow Quartet, Star Bronzer Bronzing Powder, Cils Booster XL Super Enhancing Mascara Base, Definicils Pro High Definition Mascara in Black, Glow Sensuelle Body Moisturizer, Absolute Replenishing Cream. This case makes a great makeup holder, goodies are either full size or super deluxe size...great gift/stocking stuffer for the holidays!

$45 (keep in mind, just the Alsolute Cream is already $50! Not to mention all the huge sizes of the other products!)

*i also have LOTS of samples/makeup cases/pouches/totes/bags/etc...most are mid to high end brands.

email me at for more info!

shhh...i have a secret! Nordstrom Customer Appreciation Day!

For those that aren't familiar with Nordie's Customer Appreciation basically get 10 points per dollar spent during this event. You have to have a Nordstrom card where you normally would get 2 points per dollar or 4 points on double points events, but now you get 10 points! You get a $20 Nordstrom Note when you reach 2000 points which means you only need to spend $200 on Customer Appreciation day to get $20 back! That's equivalent of about 10%. Yes, start pre-saling and open a nordies card if you don't already have one. Here's a secret...Customer Appreciation Day is November 28th! heard it at mypuppyandi first!


Friday, November 2, 2007


Yessssssssss! It's finally announced. Sephora friends and family 2007 is your chance to get all the goodies for 20% off! Time to stock up on your favorite brands. I'm getting some Shu Uemura (they have colour lines now...check it out!), Dior palettes, and lots of other goodies that I've added in my cart a month ago waiting for this event! Starts tomorrow through the 21st (they extended the promo length didn't they?). Start getting your shopping carts ready!

Sephora F&F 20% off!

gossip girl love--

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LV puppy

First off, isn't that puppy in the carrier CUTE? Now, just imagine that being YOUR puppy...isn't that even CUTER?! That leash is absolutely adorable! Especially if you have a light colored dog where it really stands out. My puppy wants one to match with his carrier as well as his mommy. Besides getting luxury from the items themselves LV will also personalize the items for you! I am loving the collar once over not to mention the matching leash! (if you're going as far as to get the collar, you might as well make sure you look perfect by matching the collar and leash. you don't want your puppy to have a puppy "fur-paw"!)

LV Collar PM $215

LV Collar MM $240

LV Collar GM $265

LV Dog Bag 40 $1680

LV Dog Bag 50 $1850

You can buy through Louis Vuitton or Eluxury

pimples suck, but i found a cure!

Erno & Mario. You two are my heroes. You have saved me days of embarassment walking around with my cute outfits and designer bags and perfect makeup with the exception of a ZIT! We get pimples for many reasons. Genetic, eating habits, time of the month, etc. Now, we don't have to deal with them alone. I get my monthly share of the red bumps and luckily I don't have that bad of an episode. These two get me through it.
The Drying Lotion by Mario Badescu is something used by many celebrities. It works. It reminds me of calamine used for chicken pox. I use this when I have those red painful ones that are literally under your skin. This is the only thing that calms it down. It smells like alcohol, but it works in the don't use too much or you might dry out your skin kind of way. It's potent stuff.
The Blemish Treament by Erno Laszlo is GREAT. I use this for all pimples, even those little tiny ones and it's gone within 1-2 days. It's kind of hard to explain what the product is like. I'll try my best. This product is tan colored mixed with I'm assuming alcohol or something of a clear liquid. The tan colored portion is like...sticky apple sauce. Bear with me! So this...sticky apple take and you stick it right on your pimple making sure the surrounding area of the infected is also treated. It stays on kind of like putty. I mention this only because if you rub it around like a cream or gel, the "sticky apple sauce" will just roll around like dough and not have much use. One you use it...the next day your face should be back to normal! Erno Laszlo is $29 and Mario Badescu is $17. Both are available at Nordstrom have one, so should your puppy!

i've tried over and over again to explain why i REALLY need a closet for my puppy. i have one, why should he be deprived of one? one reason is because he needs to be able to see all his outfits in order to put them into use. you can't wear something you can't find! and if you can't wear it, you're technically wasting the money you spent on it. another reason is because he needs his own space (and i need mine!). most importantly, he needs it because he wants it. now, to add on to my list is that if i buy now i would get 6 free hangers! You can buy this one from G.W. Little (such a cute store!) Doggie Armoire $119

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SUNBLOCK/SUNSCREEN! do you have it on today?

SUNBLOCK. SUNSCREEN. You know to use it when you're going to the beach or going swimming, but what about everyday use?? Unless you live in a cave without any windows, you need something to protect your skin. Let's start off understanding what sunblock is and what sunscreen is (you thought they were the same didn't you?!). Here's the simple version. Sunscreens contain chemicals that ABSORB the UV rays. Sunblock reflects the UV rays. Most people are more familiar with sunblock. That's the one that makes you look ghostly white. You need at least an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15 which means you're protected out there for about 5 hours. Of course that depends on the weather as well. You can't expect to be protected in 98 degree weather and be protected with SPF 15!

Alright, now we have our facts straight let's get on with the products...

ME: My favorite is from Clarins and it's an SPF 40. What I love most about this product is that it's SO light. It feels silky on my skin. It doesn't leave any residue. It works as a great base for my makeup as well. I love it! It helps knowing I have SPF 40 no matter what the weather is like. Even when the sun is behind clouds, there are still UV rays shining at you so don't be fooled. Clarins is available at most department stores and sephora for $39! It's worth it if it'll save you money from spending more on correcting fine lines and wrinkles in the future! clarins sunblock

MY PUPPY: I use Chris Christensen's "Ice on Ice". This is a leave on conditioner that conditions, protects, and even better it has sunscreen! It doesn't really have a smell which is nice because I can use it daily without it being too overwhelming. My dog is white so this helps with helping keep him as white as possible and not turn into a baby golden retriever. My puppy likes the spray nozzle on this because it doesn't have a shooting spray, but it's more like a mist. He doesn't like the funny feeling of other spray nozzles, but he sits still for this one! Here's Chris' site...the combs are GREAT as well. ice on ice for $10!