Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chanel - Resort Collection

You all know how much I love Chanel. I am in LOVE with this set! It's a limited edition set that includes SOLEIL BRONZÉ Luminous Bronzing Powder, a mini Blush Brush, and full sizes of LEVRÈS SCINTILLANTES Glossimer in Seashell and INIMITABLE Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel in Noir-Black AND a chic makeup case that's great for travel and storing your makeup goodies.
The lip gloss is wonderful for any season since it's the sheer sparkly pink tone. The brush is very necessary to apply blush/bronzer appropriately (you don't want a splotch of brown or pink!). The bronzing powder is the most awesome. You can't buy it by itself as it's only available through this Resort set. I am a big fan of this bronzing powder because I can not only use it all together as a blend of perfect harmonious colors I can also use it individually for all over face color or definition as well as my eye shadow! This would be the essential item for travel since it serves so many purposes.
If you haven't done your Christmas shopping for that Chanel or luxury lover here's your chance. The retail price is $140 and it's available now through Chanel. It's also available at Saks and possibly Neiman. I also found 2 available at my local Nordie's so it's possible to find in your local high end department store, but they were VERY limited in quantity if even lucky to receive it at all.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stila Virtual Warehouse sale

It's baaaaack! If you missed all the goodies at the last Stila Virtual Warehouse sale here's your chance with more stock! They have lots of items at 50% off!
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Friday, December 7, 2007

Dogswell - Veggie Life treats

First off, mypuppy already LOVES his Dogswell Breathies Chicken Minis. By "love" I mean he'll give up his full size chicken jerky treat for ONE little round mini treat. Maybe he's spoiled in being able to just chew and eat instead of breaking a piece off to eat, but nevertheless he loves it!

More recently I found Dogswell's new product line called Veggie Life. There are various flavors like Sweet Potato fries/chews, Chicken & Banana, Chicken & Apple, and the one I bought which is Chicken & Sweet Potato (mypuppy doesn't eat bananas and apples too much...more of a meat eater like his mommy). Let me just say, once I opened the bag and sniffed the goods I was hungry! It smelled sweet and potato like. Okay, I just described sweet potato, but it does smell terrific. Nothing dog like about the scent! I was tempted to take a bite and see what mypuppy was getting...but I didn't. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody who loves to spoil their puppy and who have picky eaters!

I'm a big fan of Dogswell due to their great processing in their Natural Cage-Free Chicken through a vigorous process to make sure it's always approved US FDA tests. All their products are actually good for your puppy. Their Vitality line has flaxseed and vitamins for overall well-being. Their Breathies line (mypuppy's favorite!) contains mint and parsely to freshen breath while your puppy enjoys his treat. The Happy Hips and Happy Heart lines can be used on any dog at any age as it helps by adding glucosamine and lower sodium to the line. There's also Mellow Mutt which contains natural herbs like chamomile to help calm a fussy puppy. As for Veggie Life it's $7.99 for a 5oz bag, but well worth every penny if mypuppy will eat it!

mypuppyandi definitely give this 4 paws up!

Yves Saint Laurent - luxurious mascara

Oh mascara, how you save me from my small eyes looking tired and dull. I've been dying to try a blue mascara lately. As you can see from my CL talk I have a thing for BLUE at the moment. The blue of this YSL mascara is so electric! (let's go back to dreamland and imagine the blue Loub's with this blue YSL mascara. HAWT!) Black mascara already helps lift those eyes and make them stand out. As for blue mascara it will do the same, but make the eyes POP. At the same time I think blue mascara (and eyeliner!) is exotic and casual chic. This YSL Luxurious Mascara comes in Black, Blue, Brown, Burgandy, Violet, and Green! Each only $26.50.

Many people have their own way of applying mascara. Depending on what look you are trying to get it should be applied a bit differently.

This is my regime:

  1. Curl eyelashes! (She Uemura is my best friend) Start at the lid of the eyes (not too much so you don't pinc yourself!) and slowly crimp again towards the middle of the lashes and then move out the the end of the lashes for the most natural look.
  2. Take your mascara and start again at the lid of the lashes and wiggle the mascara up through your lashes. Keep doing it until you got all the lashes especially the ones on the inner and outter corner of your lids. Those can get tricky.
  3. Optional - Some people like to take the mascara and go over it from the top down to coat the top side of the lashes. I find this makes my eye lashes droop a bit from carrying the thickness of the mascara, but it totally depends on the type of mascara you using.
  4. Lastly, double check that all your lashes are not clumpy (if they are, use your finger to gently pull out the clumps) and individually separated (this helps a lot with a great mascara).
  5. Go out in the world and be the fab chick you are!
Don't forget to pick up the YSL mascara while you're out Christmas shopping for everybody on your list! Try this over the weekend and let me know what you think!

Jean Patou - JOY

I must say my mom raised a daughter with terrific taste at an early age. I remember being no older than 8 years old and being in the perfume store with my mom. The salespeople would always come over to me and say "how cute" and blah blah (i've realized they didn't mean it, it was only a sales pitch) and sometimes the manager would give me a bottle of nail polish or a lipstick to take home. Why are they so nice to me you say? Well, for one, they know my mom would do anything to make her little girl happy. Another reason may be her little girl has exquisite (aka expensive) taste. I still remember being 8 years old and smelling Joy by Jean Patou and being enchanted by the notes of jasmine and other sweet floral scents. This was my favorite fragrance at that time and I HAD to have it. Back then, a bottle was $100. That was a lot then! I stared at the bottle and even took a few whiffs of the scent lingering on the spray nozzle, but I never used it because I loved it so much. The sad part is, I come home one day and realize my bottle is missing. My mom tells me she had a friend visit and gave her the perfume as a gift. I was devastated! Yes, the scent was THAT good. I was looking for a fragrance and it came into mind after all these years.

Jean Patou's fragrances have all natural ingredients. In fact, the Jean Patou house has a field of Jasmines and Roses (can you imagine the scent in that area?!) in South of France. The company was acquired by Proctor and Gamble in 2001, but I believe they are sticking with 1920's methods of perfumery. A 1oz bottle is now going for $400, but keep in mind this is parfum which is concentrated and more oil based than alcohol based. In other words, it lasts longer and the scent is a little more unique.

Take a sniff and tell me if you feel the same way as I did and still do.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

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Christian Louboutin - Simple

Oh my...these shoes are TDF (to die for)! I'm a very simple girl. Since mypuppy chewed up my 3 pairs of black pumps I have been on a search for some new shoes. I don't know what it is about CL shoes...actually, I's those darn red soles that make the shoe pop and the great design and fashion of the shoe. These pumps are timeless in the black. As for the blue...MY GOSH!...that electric blue is the new red! Imagine blue mascara, white button down blouse, some white slacks, and these awesome blue pumps. Wowsers.

These Christian Louboutin New Simple Pumps are $675 and available for pre-order at Saks.

If you watch Side Order of Life on Lifetime you will remember Vivy having cancer and splurging on these shoes. If you have that much to spend...all I have to say is "you only live once".

Enjoy it!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Juicy Puppy

When I saw this Juicy Couture dog tag I had to laugh. It's so cute! I know my puppy would love one of these because he loves his daddy! Normally I would think $35 is too much for a dog tag, but this one is very much something to consider. I would get it engraved in the back and make sure to put daddy's number. If one day this comes into use (let's hope it never needs it!), the $35 is definitely worth it!

I am loving the Juicy Dog line this season! First off, it's been a bit cold in SoCal and I really think mypuppy needs a jacket! Especially a fashionable one to impress the lady pups out there. This Juicy pink parka (also comes in black for the studs) is $75 and will last all winter (that's about 3 months! If you calculate it's only about 83 cents a day. Not like I calculated or anything...) Isn't your puppy worth 83 cents a day? If your answer is YES, click HERE!

Another item I am really really loving is this harness set retailing at $95. It's great that they are creating harness sets in addition to their leash sets. Leashes are just so harsh on their little necks. These are great and very ergonomic (and couture) for our puppies. In addition, it's a better version of a regular harness you would buy. Since the style is more like a vest, it gives plenty of porportional support to comfortably fit your puppy. If you're still rationalizing on the price, if you take the leash off you can use the harness itself as a fasionable vest! Available at most stores that carry Juicy dog items.

Your puppy will thank you!

Juicy Couture Heart Lip Gloss Ring

Oh my...I absolutely LOVE this Juicy lip gloss ring! Big chunky rings are definitely a must this year and this one tops the list. I love the bling factor to this ring. I love the white because it makes it less fancy and more fun. Oh yeah, I love the sparkly pinky lip gloss too! It's only $52 which is a great deal considering the price of a Juicy Couture jewelry item is already that much if not more. I think this will make a great present for a Juicy gal. Once you're done with the gloss in the ring you can always refill it with another lip gloss or lipstick (warm up your lipstick tube under the light or in the microwave for 5 seconds and mold into the ring OR take the remainder of your lip gloss tube and fill it up...don't overflow! the ring. VOILA!) $52 at Nordstrom!

Juicy Couture

I ADORE this Juicy Couture Fragrance set! If you haven't smelled the fragrance yet it's a flirty fruity scent. Great for both day and night. This set includes: Eau de Parfum with atomizer (1 oz.), travel-ready Royal Body Creme (3.4 oz.), Sumptuous Sugar Scrub (3.5 oz.) and a precious solid perfume compact. The thing I love most is the great box it comes in. This is something I can use as an addition to my jewelry box (i'm always running out of room!). It's very durable like all juicy packages. The perfume compact is so great for the purse. I love the all metal look because it gives it that mystery that keeps people wondering what's in that silver square? This is a $398 value that is only $150 at Nordstrom. Get it while it lasts since it's a Holiday item!

gucci sale...still on!

just a reminder that the gucci sale is still going on now. you can't get gifts for your loved ones and/or a treat for yourself! here's something for the lux pup:

Monday, December 3, 2007


Gucci is having their seasonal sale today both online and in stores!
For your puppy: Dog backpack Original Price $445, now only $259
(sorry no pictures, it won't upload for some reason! keep checking back...)