Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chanel - Resort Collection

You all know how much I love Chanel. I am in LOVE with this set! It's a limited edition set that includes SOLEIL BRONZÉ Luminous Bronzing Powder, a mini Blush Brush, and full sizes of LEVRÈS SCINTILLANTES Glossimer in Seashell and INIMITABLE Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel in Noir-Black AND a chic makeup case that's great for travel and storing your makeup goodies.
The lip gloss is wonderful for any season since it's the sheer sparkly pink tone. The brush is very necessary to apply blush/bronzer appropriately (you don't want a splotch of brown or pink!). The bronzing powder is the most awesome. You can't buy it by itself as it's only available through this Resort set. I am a big fan of this bronzing powder because I can not only use it all together as a blend of perfect harmonious colors I can also use it individually for all over face color or definition as well as my eye shadow! This would be the essential item for travel since it serves so many purposes.
If you haven't done your Christmas shopping for that Chanel or luxury lover here's your chance. The retail price is $140 and it's available now through Chanel. It's also available at Saks and possibly Neiman. I also found 2 available at my local Nordie's so it's possible to find in your local high end department store, but they were VERY limited in quantity if even lucky to receive it at all.

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CityChic said...

I saw this on Saks last night as well. I wonder if it is in the stores cuz I'm going there tomorrow to pick up my Blue Satin!