Thursday, November 15, 2007

Juicy Rocks

The holidays are around the corner and many of you will gather your loved ones in your own home or your friend's home. There are many ways to be agreat host/hostess and one of them is simply keep your house smelling delish. You've heard of air fresheners that spray, plug-in, light up, heat up, etc. Juicy Couture introduces Juicy Couture
Pebbles Of Couture Fragrance Rocks
. I think this is a neat idea that instead of messy potpourri that crumbles into a billion little crushed pieces these are rocks that are quite easy to pick up if spilled. They are in a multitude of colors to match with any home decor. This will definitely be a conversation piece when guests ask "what is that great fragrance you have in here?" or "what do these couture rocks do?". If you're interested in getting one for yourself this season or gifting one as a gift or housegift visit Saks Fifth Avenue for Juicy Rocks priced at $45.

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