Thursday, November 15, 2007

L'Occitane Friends and Family

Remember those exquisite hand creams I mentioned the other day? Well, even more of a reason to get them is L'Occitane's friends and family event! They are better than Sephora's friends and family (20%) and L'Occitane is offering 25%!!
While you're at it, they also have great shampoo/conditioner. I must say, I don't know what they put in their conditioner but after I use it my hair is super soft and manageable. I can't explain it, but it's great! I was first introduced to this product at the Four Seasons Hotel. I took a shower after my long flight and woke up the next morning with the best hair ever! At this point, I just thought it was great hair day. I was even telling some friends how the hotel had soft water for their guests since that's what it felt like. My brother stayed at the Four Seasons shortly after my trip and I mentioned how soft their water was. He was like...I don't know about the water, but the L'Occitane hair care is the best! It was then that I realized I undermined L'Occitane. If any of you have also stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel, you know it's SO worth it! For those of you who don't want to spend that much money on your hair, I would still recommend you getting just the conditioner for $17 (it's actually only $12.75 if you get it now during the F&F!). You don't even have to use it daily, just when your hair is feeling a bit dull. Especially now that it's winter my hair tends to gets a bit dry. This will make it feel SO smooth and silky. This is even great for guys. My brother loves this stuff and gets giddy when he says how it makes his hair so soft while feeling his hair. (shh...Don't tell him I told you all!) Once again, L'Occitane's friends and family for instore coupon or enter FNF25 for online use. Starts today!

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