Monday, November 19, 2007

La Mer

I'm sure you all have all heard of the coveted miracle creme "Crème de la Mer". As I'm aging, I am always worrying about wrinkles. For those that don't know of the brand or want to know more about the brand...keep reading!

This brand has been "coveted by those in the know" since 1965 (although most just heard it in the last few years thanks to celebs and Estee Lauder).

DR. MAX HUBER. Thank him. It all began with Huber (a NASA aerospace physicist) experimenting with chemicals when it exploded in his face and covered his face with severe chemical burns. Nothing out there helped his burns so being a scientist he decided to help himself. After 12 years and much experimentation, he created "the crème". They call the essence in the creme the Miracle Broth. There are many key ingredients and one of them being sea kelp from the west coast (yay us!). The way these ingredients are distilled (a process taking 3-4 months) is what makes it amazing.

Side note. Estee Lauder company acquired La Mer in 1995 which led to the mass outlets available to us through Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc.

Now, how GOOD is it? I'll give you my opinion in a later post...check back for yay or nay on "Crème de la Mer".

If you've tried La Mer or have something to say, leave a comment below!

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