Friday, December 7, 2007

Dogswell - Veggie Life treats

First off, mypuppy already LOVES his Dogswell Breathies Chicken Minis. By "love" I mean he'll give up his full size chicken jerky treat for ONE little round mini treat. Maybe he's spoiled in being able to just chew and eat instead of breaking a piece off to eat, but nevertheless he loves it!

More recently I found Dogswell's new product line called Veggie Life. There are various flavors like Sweet Potato fries/chews, Chicken & Banana, Chicken & Apple, and the one I bought which is Chicken & Sweet Potato (mypuppy doesn't eat bananas and apples too much...more of a meat eater like his mommy). Let me just say, once I opened the bag and sniffed the goods I was hungry! It smelled sweet and potato like. Okay, I just described sweet potato, but it does smell terrific. Nothing dog like about the scent! I was tempted to take a bite and see what mypuppy was getting...but I didn't. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody who loves to spoil their puppy and who have picky eaters!

I'm a big fan of Dogswell due to their great processing in their Natural Cage-Free Chicken through a vigorous process to make sure it's always approved US FDA tests. All their products are actually good for your puppy. Their Vitality line has flaxseed and vitamins for overall well-being. Their Breathies line (mypuppy's favorite!) contains mint and parsely to freshen breath while your puppy enjoys his treat. The Happy Hips and Happy Heart lines can be used on any dog at any age as it helps by adding glucosamine and lower sodium to the line. There's also Mellow Mutt which contains natural herbs like chamomile to help calm a fussy puppy. As for Veggie Life it's $7.99 for a 5oz bag, but well worth every penny if mypuppy will eat it!

mypuppyandi definitely give this 4 paws up!

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