Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Juicy Puppy

When I saw this Juicy Couture dog tag I had to laugh. It's so cute! I know my puppy would love one of these because he loves his daddy! Normally I would think $35 is too much for a dog tag, but this one is very much something to consider. I would get it engraved in the back and make sure to put daddy's number. If one day this comes into use (let's hope it never needs it!), the $35 is definitely worth it!

I am loving the Juicy Dog line this season! First off, it's been a bit cold in SoCal and I really think mypuppy needs a jacket! Especially a fashionable one to impress the lady pups out there. This Juicy pink parka (also comes in black for the studs) is $75 and will last all winter (that's about 3 months! If you calculate it's only about 83 cents a day. Not like I calculated or anything...) Isn't your puppy worth 83 cents a day? If your answer is YES, click HERE!

Another item I am really really loving is this harness set retailing at $95. It's great that they are creating harness sets in addition to their leash sets. Leashes are just so harsh on their little necks. These are great and very ergonomic (and couture) for our puppies. In addition, it's a better version of a regular harness you would buy. Since the style is more like a vest, it gives plenty of porportional support to comfortably fit your puppy. If you're still rationalizing on the price, if you take the leash off you can use the harness itself as a fasionable vest! Available at most stores that carry Juicy dog items.

Your puppy will thank you!

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