Friday, December 7, 2007

Jean Patou - JOY

I must say my mom raised a daughter with terrific taste at an early age. I remember being no older than 8 years old and being in the perfume store with my mom. The salespeople would always come over to me and say "how cute" and blah blah (i've realized they didn't mean it, it was only a sales pitch) and sometimes the manager would give me a bottle of nail polish or a lipstick to take home. Why are they so nice to me you say? Well, for one, they know my mom would do anything to make her little girl happy. Another reason may be her little girl has exquisite (aka expensive) taste. I still remember being 8 years old and smelling Joy by Jean Patou and being enchanted by the notes of jasmine and other sweet floral scents. This was my favorite fragrance at that time and I HAD to have it. Back then, a bottle was $100. That was a lot then! I stared at the bottle and even took a few whiffs of the scent lingering on the spray nozzle, but I never used it because I loved it so much. The sad part is, I come home one day and realize my bottle is missing. My mom tells me she had a friend visit and gave her the perfume as a gift. I was devastated! Yes, the scent was THAT good. I was looking for a fragrance and it came into mind after all these years.

Jean Patou's fragrances have all natural ingredients. In fact, the Jean Patou house has a field of Jasmines and Roses (can you imagine the scent in that area?!) in South of France. The company was acquired by Proctor and Gamble in 2001, but I believe they are sticking with 1920's methods of perfumery. A 1oz bottle is now going for $400, but keep in mind this is parfum which is concentrated and more oil based than alcohol based. In other words, it lasts longer and the scent is a little more unique.

Take a sniff and tell me if you feel the same way as I did and still do.

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