Friday, October 26, 2007

FIBERWIG - wig for the lashes

If any of you have used this stuff you know it's great. For those that haven't and are intrigued by what a "wig" for your lashes is read on! This mascara is a japanese brand that recently started showing up in the American market - aka SEPHORA. The mascara is pretty awesome because it can give the illusion of false eyelashes. I use this by itself when I'm going for a more natural look (especially since it washes off easily without leaving you raccoon eyes) and I layer this with my Dior Show mascara when I'm going out to make my lashes thicker (Dior Show) and longer (Fiberwig). When you use it, you'll notice the fibers lengthening your lashes. No joke! At first, I thought my one eye lash was oddly super long...then I realized it was the mascara! I recommended this to my friend for her wedding (she was looking for fake eyelashes, but nothing crazy like MAC effect and nothing worked for her so I recommended this and she loved it!) So...make sure to check this product out. Available at Sephora for $22 and I'm working on bringing to to all you girls shortly through mypuppyandi because every girl should have this in their makeup collection.

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