Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LV puppy

First off, isn't that puppy in the carrier CUTE? Now, just imagine that being YOUR puppy...isn't that even CUTER?! That leash is absolutely adorable! Especially if you have a light colored dog where it really stands out. My puppy wants one to match with his carrier as well as his mommy. Besides getting luxury from the items themselves LV will also personalize the items for you! I am loving the collar once over not to mention the matching leash! (if you're going as far as to get the collar, you might as well make sure you look perfect by matching the collar and leash. you don't want your puppy to have a puppy "fur-paw"!)

LV Collar PM $215

LV Collar MM $240

LV Collar GM $265

LV Dog Bag 40 $1680

LV Dog Bag 50 $1850

You can buy through Louis Vuitton or Eluxury

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