Thursday, October 25, 2007

Saks Friends and Family today!

Don't's that time of year that Saks offers friends and family. If you're lucky enough to score the card, there's a code on there that you can use online! If you're on their list you should check your email for the code as well. The good thing about Saks is how their discount applies to cosmetics and sale items.

There are so many cute holiday palettes out right now...20% is more than welcome in my book. Get started on early Christmas shopping!

Here are some items I'm getting...

Dior 24kt gold liquid eyeliner $30 (how HOT is that?! i can't go without eyeliner and this is ultra chic especially for those nights out)

Dior Holiday Romantic Palette $70 (let me tell you, this palette is AWESOME. i got last year's and i LOVE it. it's my must have for travel especially with all these regulations on what you can and cannot bring! i love the grey/silver shadow this year. now i'll be bringing 2 palettes that can provide SO many different looks for a month!)

Now that I've tempted you...GO GO GO!

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