Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SUNBLOCK/SUNSCREEN! do you have it on today?

SUNBLOCK. SUNSCREEN. You know to use it when you're going to the beach or going swimming, but what about everyday use?? Unless you live in a cave without any windows, you need something to protect your skin. Let's start off understanding what sunblock is and what sunscreen is (you thought they were the same didn't you?!). Here's the simple version. Sunscreens contain chemicals that ABSORB the UV rays. Sunblock reflects the UV rays. Most people are more familiar with sunblock. That's the one that makes you look ghostly white. You need at least an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15 which means you're protected out there for about 5 hours. Of course that depends on the weather as well. You can't expect to be protected in 98 degree weather and be protected with SPF 15!

Alright, now we have our facts straight let's get on with the products...

ME: My favorite is from Clarins and it's an SPF 40. What I love most about this product is that it's SO light. It feels silky on my skin. It doesn't leave any residue. It works as a great base for my makeup as well. I love it! It helps knowing I have SPF 40 no matter what the weather is like. Even when the sun is behind clouds, there are still UV rays shining at you so don't be fooled. Clarins is available at most department stores and sephora for $39! It's worth it if it'll save you money from spending more on correcting fine lines and wrinkles in the future! clarins sunblock

MY PUPPY: I use Chris Christensen's "Ice on Ice". This is a leave on conditioner that conditions, protects, and even better it has sunscreen! It doesn't really have a smell which is nice because I can use it daily without it being too overwhelming. My dog is white so this helps with helping keep him as white as possible and not turn into a baby golden retriever. My puppy likes the spray nozzle on this because it doesn't have a shooting spray, but it's more like a mist. He doesn't like the funny feeling of other spray nozzles, but he sits still for this one! Here's Chris' site...the combs are GREAT as well. ice on ice for $10!

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