Tuesday, October 30, 2007

LV iphone cases

yes, they have arrived! you heard buzz about these back in june/july this year, but you can actually purchase one now! i've been on the waitlist for this and have been waiting patiently for something to protect my iphone (and make my iphone look ever cuter!). this is super cute (mainly because it's LV) and it will definitely protect with the fab leather casing. the monogram, red epi, and black taiga are going for $225 and alligator which will come in different colors is $1120 (yikes!). i got the black taiga for my brother and the red epi for myself (to match with the red epi agenda). can't wait!
if you want one or to be waitlisted, call your local LV store or saks/bloomies that carries LV.

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